History of the BYD logo (Build Your Dreams)

History of the BYD logo (Build Your Dreams)

BYD BD Auto Group

BYD is a leading company in the automotive and technology industries in China, bearing the full name “Build Your Dreams” which symbolizes a commitment to creating a better future.

This logo is a significant symbol of BYD, reflecting the company’s vision and mission in developing cutting-edge technology and producing high-quality electric vehicles. Let’s start with the complexity and enthusiasm in developing ourselves.This logo is a symbol of confidence in the success and bright future prosperity of BYD emphasizing the use of technology to create value and elevate the quality of life for people worldwide. In this article we will delve into the history and significance of the BYD (Build Your Dreams) logo in detail.

History of the BYD logo (Build Your Dreams)

Utilizing cutting-edge technology to create the cars of the future is a hallmark of the BYD logo with modern design, advanced computer systems, and powerful engines, the company’s products symbolize high-quality and technological prowess.

The overview of the BYD brand

Year of establishment2003
FounderBYD Company
HeadquartersXi’an, Shaanxi, China

BYD (short for BYD Auto Co., Ltd.) is a Chinese automobile manufacturer that produces various types of vehicles. The company’s products include electric cars, hybrid cars, gasoline-powered cars, trucks, buses, forklifts, and electric motorcycles. It also collaborates with Mercedes-Benz to produce luxury vehicles under the Denza brand. The company was founded in 2003 after BYD Company acquired and negotiated the purchase of Qinchuan Machinery Works from Norinco. Its headquarters are located in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China.

Through the acquisition of BYD the company gained the rights to manufacture automobiles and other vehicles automatically with prearranged agreements. Consequently, it leveraged the experience from the Qinchuan factory which has been producing automobiles since 1987, starting with the QJC7050 model featuring a 30.5 horsepower engine. Concurrently, the QCJ7181 Flyer model was in development. The new owner rebranded it as its own product in 2005, renaming it the BYD Flyer.

In 2008, the car manufacturer was acquired by the immensely wealthy businessman Warren Buffett through Sino-American Energy Holdings. This acquisition coincided with the launch of the hybrid model of the BYD F3 car and the expansion of product exports to various countries, including Central-Eastern Asia, South America and Africa. This period marked significant growth for the company, characterized by stringent control over technical processes. The results instilled high confidence in BYD by 2013.

In 2020, the company began expanding into Europe and secured a profitable contract to supply 406 electric buses to Colombia. The company aims to deliver these within the latter half of 2022, while requiring at least 1002 units of this type of machinery. This indicates an increasing recognition of the BYD brand every year. Moreover, its name, which is the foundation of its visual identity, is an abbreviation of the phrase ‘Build Your Dreams.’

ประวัติความเป็นมาของโลโก้ BYD (Build Your Dreams)

The company BYD uses a logo consisting of its name as the base, with the abbreviation appearing in all logo versions, replacing the phrase ‘Build Your Dreams.’ This signifies ‘Build Your Dreams.’ Through this, the manufacturer emphasizes its belief in the future, showcasing high expertise and a readiness to work responsibly.

BYD is a group of Chinese companies whose name is an abbreviation of ‘Build Your Dreams.’ The company includes BYD Auto, which manufactures electric cars, industrial forklifts, motorized bicycles, trucks, buses and personal passenger vehicles. It was founded in 2003.

History of the logo BYD (Build Your Dreams)

2003 – 2005

History of the BYD logo (Build Your Dreams)

The logo consists of two horizontal concentric circles, with one inside the other. The larger circle is black, featuring a two-layered border created by white and black lines. It incorporates the company name and the abbreviation ‘BYD’ below presented in a modern sans serif font with wide letter spacing to enhance visibility of the light-colored letters against the dark background. The central circle is smaller and includes thin white stripes dividing the area into two color sections. The upper zone is blue while the lower zone is white.

2005 – 2022

History of the BYD logo (Build Your Dreams)

The redesign of the visual identity occurred after the Chinese car manufacturer decided to avoid a logo resembling BMW’s symbol. The updated icon began being used in December, 2005. BYD received the logo unknowingly which now appears similar to Kia’s distancing itself from any visual association with renowned companies.

The logo features a circular design with red borders and the same red-colored name within a white space. The outer band has an uneven width narrower on the right and left sides. The word ‘BYD’ is written in geometric letters each with small white lines at the corners and diagonally cut on the outside.

This logo has been in use since the company’s founding and has remained unchanged since its inception while other components have been removed or modified in subsequent redesigns.

ปี ค.ศ.2022 – Now

BYD Logo

The new version of the BYD logo introduces a sense of calmness and tranquility: it features smooth lines, gentle curves and a wider symbol. This design inspires confidence in customers and speaks to the safety of the vehicles. In doing so, the company has abandoned diagonal cuts and straight strips: the logo is now much friendlier. The only consistent element with the letters is the small dividing lines present in each one. The circular shape remains unchanged however, the frame is thicker at the top and bottom, with its color becoming much darker approaching a deep red.

Fornt and color

ประวัติความเป็นมาของโลโก้ BYD (Build Your Dreams)

BYD uses a custom-designed font that is sans-serif and has geometric characteristics. It is consistent, smooth, and bold. However, the copyrighted color palette changed only once. Initially, it comprised black and blue. Then, it transitioned to red and white.

ประวัติความเป็นมาของโลโก้ BYD (Build Your Dreams)

The font in the BYD logo is custom-made but there is one version that uses a font reminiscent of Bitsumishi Pro Medium from CheapProFonts. Upon closer inspection, you can clearly see the similarities between the B and Y characters in terms of rounding, shape and width. The ‘D’ character is almost identical to the symbol of Cassandra Plus Black designed by Wiescher-Design. However, there is no doubt about the true uniqueness of the font because the characters in the BYD symbol have slight spacing between various parts. The tones are filled with a red color.

ประวัติความเป็นมาของโลโก้ BYD (Build Your Dreams)
Color code #e60009
RGB230 0 9
CMYK0 100 96 10
PentonePMS Light Red C

The new logos for BYD Auto and BYD Group

On February 17, 2022, in Shenzhen, China, BYD Group revealed its new logos, symbolizing the brand upgrade, with BYD Auto following suit.

20220224 5

In line with its mission of ‘Innovating for a Better Life’ the BYD Group has redesigned its logo by refining the details of the frame and the typography while retaining the beloved red color and circular frame. Instead of using sharp angles in the typography, the new logo adopts rounded shapes, representing mathematical attributes. Overall, the new logo signifies closeness and openness, representing a seamless blend of technology and human relations. This embodies BYD’s philosophy of ‘People First’ and its dedication to using technology to address societal issues and create a better life for humanity.

20220224 6

Over the past 27 years, BYD has continuously developed innovative technologies and evolved into an international organization spanning four core industries automotive, rail transit, new energy and electronics. Its new energy vehicle routes can be found in over 400 cities worldwide, across more than 70 countries and regions. Throughout its history, the company has introduced new energy hybrid solutions to create a sustainable future for the world. The circular frame in the new logo reflects BYD’s global vision and its commitment to sustainable development towards the future. The company will continue to uphold its promise to ‘Build Your Dreams’ and enhance balanced relationships among individuals, society and the natural world moving forward.

The new BYD Group logo will be used across the company’s four industry groups, including automotive, rail transit, new energy and electronics. Additionally, different logos will be used for various car series within the passenger vehicle group.

The upgraded BYD Auto logo has been visually enhanced to meet the specific needs of the business and customers. It also aligns with the latest graphic design trends by presenting three-dimensional images and high-performance designs. The upgraded logo continues to embody concepts such as ‘Connection, Collaboration, and Progression.’

20220224 4

ประวัติความเป็นมาของโลโก้ BYD (Build Your Dreams)

With leading technologies in the industry, such as the Blade Battery, DM-i super hybrid technology, and e-platform, BYD Auto sold nearly 600,000 new energy vehicles in 2021 and produced and sold over 1.5 million new energy vehicles in China. BYD has won the championship in selling new energy vehicles 9 times leveraging the advantages of technology, quality and efficiency in the market. BYD Auto continues to connect with customers, fans and partners through new technologies, intelligence and values to drive the industry forward. Relying on cutting-edge technology, BYD is committed to becoming a recognized leader of a cleaner and better future.

BYD UK to Discontinue ‘Build Your Dreams’ Logo on Car Tailgates After Poor Reception

One of BYD’s most prominent features is the large ‘Build Your Dreams’ logo positioned prominently on the tailgate, seen across several models, seemingly appealing to Chinese consumers as it reinforces the company’s origin from China. However, the logo hasn’t been well-received in Europe including the UK prompting the company to decide to discontinue it for cars sold in those markets.

Tim Bryant, European Customer Experience Manager at BYD stated in an interview that the company has listened to feedback from dealers, customers, media and partners over time. They have analyzed the feedback and decided that the European version of BYD Seals will not feature the slogan logo on the tailgate. Although Tim did not elaborate further, it’s speculated that the upcoming European version of BYD Atto may also lack this logo.

However, European buyers of BYD Dolphin will still encounter this logo on the tailgate as it’s embedded as part of the rear glass panel, unlike BYD Seals and BYD Atto where the metal logo on the tailgate can be removed. Whether the decision to discontinue the ‘Build Your Dreams’ logo on EVs sold in other markets will exist remains to be seen.



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